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Valerie Paquette

artist: Robin Pieterse


When the pandemic was in full swing, I began to question what work I was meant to be doing in the world.

It was scary, to say the least, to re-evaluate where I had come from and where I was going. Can you relate to that feeling of groundlessness?

I made the decision to put herbalism work to the side and commit to being home with my two kids.

I questioned if herbalism was still my calling.

Over time, I came to realize that I never stopped being a herbalist, I just took a break from formally seeing people in clinic.

I still grew and harvested all the herbs, made all the medicines. formulated teas and tinctures for friends and family.

It became very clear to me that despite what I do for a living, herbalism is in my bones. It is a lived practice, and like all good practices, it develops and expands with time.

Now, I have stepped back into clinic, expanded into teaching and continue learning from the plants.

Herbalism, I deeply believe, is in all of our bones, and fulfills a special part of our being.

We are ancestrally connected to plants as a birthright, and are only at varying levels of remembrance and practice.

That's why to me, my herbal clinic is very important, but more important still is working with the rhythm of the seasons. Harvesting as food and medicine ripen. Making medicines and kitchen remedies to sustain my family but also my wider community. I know a lot of you are with me in this busy season, harvesting and preserving Summer's bounty.

It feels amazing to share this practical art of herbal preparations.

To gather in community; to make medicine together.

If you would like to join me in remembering or deepening into your herbalism practice, I am offering a weekend of medicine making.

See Courses and Workshops page for more details. :)


The Art of Medicine Making

Friday August 26th and Saturday August 27th

🌿 Friday: Herbal Medicine Making Day 🌿

10 am- 3 pm

Connecting to our plants through taste explorations and meeting them in the garden.

How to harvest, dry and store herbs.

Uses for all the plants we will make medicine with.

Creating our own salves, tincture, and elderberry syrup, learning about each method of preparation.

How to harvest and use your medicinal herbs in tinctures and teas.

Take home: Healing Salve, Tincture, and Elderberry Syrup

✨ Saturday: Kitchen Witches Unite✨

10 am- 3pm

Learning how to stock our kitchen so we can incorporate healing/culinary herbs easily into everyday use.

We will make our own Herb infused Vinegars, Herb Infused Sea Salt, Herb Tea Blend and Herbal Oils.

Lots of herb tea tasting and learning with our medicine plants

Take home: herb infused vinegar, herbal salt, herbal tea and herb infused oil.

**Sign up for both days at a discounted price or one day only.



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