Working with Valerie
and The Plants

One-on-One Sessions


Enter a healing journey....

All you need to do is show up, with your beautiful heart open and curious, ready to take the next step in your personal growth and healing. 

Herbs can work on every level- for physical ailments as well as spiritual, emotional or mental dis-harmony. 

Harnessing both the physical medicine of the plant as well as the Plant Spirit, allows us to meet the plants with our own complex, expansive nature, entering into a healing journey. 

The Logistics~

Each session is usually an hour and a half. 

We sit together in in person, in my office full of herbal magic or within my garden (also full of herbal magic)

After a check in, we taste herbs together in both tea and tincture form, feeling where the medicine is going and asking for messages for your specific healing. 

Sometimes I am called to offer energy healing at this point. Healing sessions are usually 10- 30 minutes and are led by the plant spirit we are working with.


We taste and explore several herbs that are pre chosen for you after a review of your intake forms. Always, we get a clear sense of the herbs you are meant to work with. 

When we are finished our session, you will take home either a custom tea or tincture to take daily until our next meeting. 

Working one-on-one

I have a small client base that allows me to focus and support each personal journey deeply.  I know from experience that the more consistently we work together the more transformational your growth and healing becomes. 

Currently I offer~

Three month program 

~2 in person sessions per month (value $200/month)

~Energy work (value $80/month)

~All organic teas and tinctures included (value $75-$104/month)

~Email support throughout the month (value $40)

Cost: $333/month 

*1 space available April 2022

For those that are curious about herbal medicine and want to bring more of it into their lives but are not yet ready to commit to a healing program, I encourage you to check out Courses and Workshops. 

Please be in touch by email ~ ~ to book an appointment or for more information.