Initial Herbal Consultation

What does a herbal consultation look like?

An initial consult is usually an hour and a half, but can go longer, as we discuss your current health concern you are seeking treatment for plus a detailed overview of your body systems, diet, medical history and lifestyle.


A treatment plan is formed, and you receive a detailed follow up email outlining your personalized herbal medicine based health plan, with goals, diet and lifestyle advice included. We decide what form of herbs are going to work best for you, and I make up a customized formula that you take, usually daily, in the form of a tincture, tea, or capsules.


Cost: $100


Follow ups:

Follow up consults are an important part of treatment, as it allows us to evaluate your progress and change any herbs that are not working in your formula. They are usually much shorter in length than an initial consult, and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Cost: $60/hour

          $30/30 minutes


Herbal medicine offers treatment for a wide range of concerns. I am especially passionate about treating:


*Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness

*Anxiety, Insomnia and Stress Relief

*Pregnancy, Post Partum and Breastfeeding Support

*Digestive Health

*Common Childhood Illnesses.

*Colds and Flus

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