Meet Valerie

Registered Herbalist, OHA


My story:


I have been a Registered Herbalist with the Ontario Herbalists Association since 2016. Previously I studied for 4 years with the amazing healers, naturopaths, and experienced clinical herbalists of Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC, while being pregnant with and raising my first son, Edwin Elder (now 5, with a beautiful little brother, Everett Cedar). 


I am deeply connected to this medicine. I wish that I could accurately describe what I feel and know when I take plants as medicine through teas and tinctures, the empowerment I tap into when I treat my childrens ailments successfully with herbal remedies, the joy I receive from planting and harvesting medicines, but it is indescribable- and so you need to experience it for yourself! I have been humbled by the results of clients taking herbal medicine, at the transformations and true healing that can come about with the connection with plants and the support of a compassionate practitioner.


Our history and that of the natural world have co-evolved. We need each other- literally- to breathe, to be in right relation with the Earth, ourselves and others.


I call you to connect to the Earth's medicine again...reestablish your bodys natural rhythms and its innate health and vitality. You have all the resources you need- I am honored when I can help to facilitate your healing by offering the herbs that you need most. Through careful and thorough attention to your unique health history and needs, a custom herbal formula can help you to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

Warmest wishes,