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Plants for Sale

Organically grown and much loved plants grown from seed. 


Plant sales are paused for 2024.

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Valeriana officinalis

Sizes available:

2 gallon pots~ $18

1 gallon pots~$12

6 inch pots~$6.50

4 inch pots~$4.50


Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum



Sizes available:

4 inch pots~ $4.50



Matricaria Recutita


Sizes available:

6 inch pots~ $ 6.50

4 inch pot-seedling- $4.50



Artemesia vulgaris


Sizes available:

3 gallon pot~ $22

2 gallon pots~ $18

1 gallon pots~$12



Tanacetum Parthenium

Sizes available:

4 inch pots~$4.50
6 inch pots~ $6.50



Leonarus cardiaca


Sizes available:

2 gallon pots~ $18

1 gallon pots- $12



Calendula officinalis

Sizes available:

4 inch pots- $4.50


California poppy 

Eschscholtzia californica

Sizes available

4 inch pot- $4.50



Achillea  millefolium

Sizes available:

6 inch pots~ $6.50



Nepeta cataina

Sizes available:

1 gallon pots~$12

6 inch~$6.50



Symphytum officinalis

Sizes available:

2 gallon pots~$18

1 gallon pots~$12



Hyssopus. officinalis

Sizes available:

2 gallon pots ~$18
1 gallon pots~$12

4 inch pot- seedling~ $4.50



Galium aparine



Sizes available:

6 inch pots~ $6.50



Inula helenium

Sizes available:

1 gallon pots~ $12

6 inch pots~ $6.50

4 inch pot-seedlings- $4.50



Mentha spp.


Sizes available:

1 gallon pots~ $12



Althea  officinalis


Sizes available:

1 gallon pots~ $12

4 inch pot-seedling $4.50



Scutellaria lateriflora


Sizes available:

4 inch pot-seedling- $4.50



Stellaria media



Sizes available:

4 inch pot-seedling- $4.50


Holy Basil

Ocimum tenuiflorum


Sizes available:

4 inch pot-seedling- $4.50


To place an order, please email with plant sizes and quantity and Val will send available pick-up dates/times.

Plant descriptions! These beautiful medicinal plants have SO much more than is listed here but read on for information about each of them. 

Calendula- Calendula is a great beginner's herb, and very rewarding. Bright orange flowers, easily dried for tea or used to make salve/decorate cakes and put in salads. Annual, but generously reseeds itself. 


Chamomile: Another easy one to grow, great for children to pick and dry for tea, or just for a sweet little angel of a plant in the garden. 


California poppy: A gorgeous addition to the garden with feathery foliage and bright yellowy- orange flowers. California poppy is used as a relaxing sedative. 


Marshmallow: What a soft sweet plant this is! Downy leaves and whitish pink blooms. A beautiful perrenial, you can use the leaves and root as medicine, and the medicine feels as soothing as you would imagine from such a soft plant. 


Mint: Another no- fail plant. Easy to harvest and use fresh in cooking and teas, or to dry. Very rewarding and spreads easily. 


Catnip: Did you know that for humans, catnip is relaxing? A great children's herb, nice and relaxing, as well as for your furry friends. Attracts bees. 


Skullcap: This year, everyone can use some skullcap! A nervous system restorative plant, growing knee high with delicate purple flowers. Spreads easily, and easy to dry for tea or tincture making. 


Hyssop: Hyssop is a purple goddess plant. 

It has pungent purple flowers that are gorgeous, friendly and warm. Bees love them, and I often have to leave at least half the plant while harvesting because they are buzzing so happily in the flowers. Super easy to harvest the flowering tops and leaves to hang for tea or tincture making. Hyssop is great for cold and coughs and used for relaxation. 


Elecampane: One of my favorite lung herbs, and such a great tall plant with yellow flowers. 


Milk thistle: Whenever i bring milk thistle to farmer's markets, it is THE plant people are drawn to! It has mottled (milky) thistle leaves, which are quite striking...but perhaps they are drawn because lots of people need liver support! Milk thistle seeds are easy to harvest for medicine, once the purple flowers have finished blooming. 


Mugwort: Grows 6 feet high with small flowers. Lots of magical uses for this ally!


Cleavers: Wild herb used primarily for lymphatic system, small white flowers and sticky stems.


Feverfew: A lovely creamy flowered perennial, use fresh preparations to treat migraines. 


Comfrey: A must have if you like making salves and importantly- a great attractor for pollinators. 


Valerian: One of the most used sedative plants- and so beautiful in the garden. Perennial, and spreads easily. 


Yarrow: A dispensary in itself! A wild plant known for its many healing properties, yarrow has unique foliage with white flowers


Motherwort: Wild one! Motherwort is known to "Mother the Mothers" or those who care for others. 


Holy basil: Beautiful aromatic medicinal basil with purple flower used as an adaptogen.


Chickweed: A nutritive cool weather wild food!

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